On-Demand, Integrated & Granular View Of Operations

Retailers often struggle with operational visibility because of a large number of transactions, varying data sources and touch points.  Inside Info helps retailers see and understand their business data to improve operational and financial processes.  Inside Info has a strong track record designing and developing analytics solutions for retailers like APG, The Reject Shop, FoodWorks and many more. Our Inside Retail Dashboard significantly fast tracks BI projects and increases user adoption by leveraging off the learnings of others, with customers typically up and running within 30 days. 

APG Case Study

300 users
Delivered In 35 Days
Labour Costs
Stock Management


A One-Screen View Of All The Facts

Ensuring cross functional visibility and integrating customer and business data so you have a clear view of sales, stock, customer, employee, store/channel and financial performance.  Understand new product introductions, average price increases, pricing optimisation, space planning and even customer service. A number of filters allow you to see revenue, growth and profitability versus budget over any time period compared to another.  Linking transactional processes, dramatically improving business strategies and uncovering sales opportunities by knowing what customers value.

360 Degree View Of Customer Behaviour

Gives ability to react quickly to changing customer trends, pre-empt demand, optimise stock management and better track promotional effectiveness, using techniques such as basket analysis. 

Interactive Analysis Of Stock

See stock in store, analyse inventory for vendor, warehouse, region, store and other perspectives. Understand your stock investment and how it’s distributed.  Measure overstocks, understocks, inventory aging, downtime and failure rates.  Clearly understand stock KPI’s like inventory turns or month’s stock at a high level with the ability to drill down to specific items in specific locations.

Analysis Of Channel

Equip staff to focus on critical areas such as service levels and customer satisfaction at the store level – empowering them to improve customer retention and long-term growth. Understand which stores are performing best by revenue, sales, and margin. Provide a consolidated multi-channel view incorporating web.

Interactive Financial, Fraud & Profitability Analysis

Tracking P&L views from the enterprise or individual cost centres, providing dashboard style profitability & fraud analysis across any area of the business including by project, customer, region or division.  For many retail clients who have focused on minimising shrinkage, we've incorporated specific loss prevention business analytics models into their retail dashboards, to analyse customer interactions by store, day, time and staff rostered on, to compare with stock and takings to identify any anomalies and patterns in behavior.  When retailers are operating on such small margins, identifying a 1 to 2% saving in minimising shrinkage can save the bottom-line millions each year.

Near Real-Time Visibility Into Operations

Instead of out-of-date reports. On-demand self-serve or guided analysis of data, often replacing hundreds of OLAP based reports and empowering users to perform their own analysis reducing IT support by up to 90%. Users report 54% less time accessing information and 51% less time analysing it. (IDC)

Sub-second Response Query Response On Very Large Data Volumes

Query performance is important for retailers due to the large volumes of transactions.  Our solutions can provide sub-second response times into the hundreds of million records without losing transactional level detail, with data refreshing as often as your underlying source systems.

Ability To View Information At A High Level, Transactional Level & In-Between

Users can choose how they interact with the data.  With business intelligence platforms like Qlik there are no pre-defined drill-down paths. If you’ve got a business question, odds are you’ll be able to answer it – you don’t have to wait for another report. Easily consolidates data from any and multiple data sources.

Simple To Use, Available Anywhere

Access your dashboard from any device whether this be laptop, iPad, the web or your mobile device, with the same experience on each, being HTML5 compliant.

Fast Implementation Cycles

A typical Qlik BI project for example is 30 days and is 53% the total cost of other BI solutions. While adding in a new data source or building a new view of the data can be modified very easily within a few hours.

  • “QlikView hits the sweet spot so effectively with the power of in-memory analysis. It only took 4 months for Inside Info to design, develop & go live with a comprehensive reporting system!”
    Darren O'Connor, CIO, The Reject Shop

Seeing Is Achieving

The best way to learn about how we can assist you in improving your analytics and reporting is to see our solutions in action. Contact us to book a personalised session with our consulting team.

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