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We help people see and understand their business data, improving operational and financial processes. When it comes to business analytics, leading businesses choose to partner with Inside Info because we put people first and we deliver good value. Also because of the quality of our team with strong industry and business process expertise. In fact, we've been awarded the Qlik  Partner Of The Year on numerous occasions. We’re also the only partner in Australia that has continually held the highest levels of competence, certification and enterprise deployments for Qlik business analytics. To offer our clients choice, Inside Info also provide Microsoft BI services in the areas of data integration and application design for Power BI, Reporting Services and Analysis Services. We’re pure, best-of-breed analytics specialists with a proven track record of client success stories since 2003.

Inside Info, Qlik & How We Differ

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  • “Qlik delivers. It's easy to use and puts the power of data in the hands of our users.”
    Richard Cohen, CIO, PFD Food Services
  • “Inside Info has supported us since the beginning of our journey with QlikView. Their services and advice are always exceptional, while demonstrating a continued investment in the relationship even after many years.”
    Sandy Antonuccio, GM IT Applications ANZ, Orora
  • “When I first saw what Inside Info had built for us using Qlik I was blown away. So easy to use with great information for assessing business performance and improvement opportunities. I think this will be the biggest enabler of business performance improvement we’ve ever seen.”
    Peter Crowley, Managing Director, GWA Group
  • “We chose Qlik Sense globally over any other BI tool because it takes data intelligence away from the IT department and allows us to place it directly in the hands of our leadership teams. Data visualization is now being actively used in the boardroom and informing our senior discussions, and we’re even more excited by how Qlik Sense can help the company grow in new directions.”
    Perry Willis, Head of IT EMEA, Colliers International
  • “We have complete transparency across the entire process, now integrating our three year long range planning cycle with our annual budget process and reporting requirements, in an environment that is simple for the finance team to maintain. That means we can respond quicker to changes in the business as we continue to grow.”
    Doug MacColl, CFO, Reed Exhibitions
  • “We chose to partner with Inside Info to design and deliver our Qlik solution because they quickly showed that they understood our business and knew how to improve visibility across our processes, with strong expertise in applying Qlik alongside SAP.”
    Leigh Brown, GM Operations, Porter Davis Homes
  • “Inside Info with Qlik opened our eyes. We realised that some customers had an uneven share of rebates paid compared to what they were in fact delivering to the bottom line. As a result, we changed our commission structures so they now better allocate rebates and sales resources based on actual return to the business instead of volume. ”
    Nicholas Vasic, Financial Controller, Fujitsu General
  • “From concept to go-live it took 35 days to implement our sales and stock applications, providing a platform for future growth. Inside Info understood Qlik and understood what APG & Co was trying to achieve. The implementation was a complete success.”
    Peter Ratcliffe, GM of Emerging Technology, APG & Co
  • “When I first saw what Inside Info could do with Qlik and our data, I was immediately impressed. Qlik provides our brand, sales, management and operational teams with complete transparency. We have interactive visibility into sales, profitability, logistics and supply chain performance, to help our brands become number one in their field. Our initial applications were delivered in just four weeks with excellent results.”
    Wayne McIntosh, Finance Director, Manassen Foods
  • “Within days Qlik became an indispensable tool to run the business…. Weekly management and sales meetings are now discussed with a complete data enhanced view of the business. Qlik delivers a greater focus on customer buying patterns, preferences and inventory analysis. We received value from our investment immediately, improving IT staff productivity by up to 20% and now also improving stock holding days through better inventory management.”
    Haydn Jones, IT Operations Manager, Avnet
  • “We realised value from our Qlik investment within days. With one internal resource and support on hand from Inside Info we built a powerful profitability analysis application that was back on the desk of managers in 6 days. This showed for the first time an integrated view of customer profitability at a material level. ”
    Tim Hogan, Manager, Business Intelligence, Toro Australia
  • “QlikView impressed us as a powerful analytics tool for supporting the delivery and analysis of financial and operational performance information in an easy-to-use and interactive way. It allows our partners and business managers to easily and intuitively explore our data and better identify key issues, trends and opportunities to drive improved business performance. ”
    Michael Panikian , CFO, Gilbert + Tobin
  • “As our implementation partner, Inside Info expertly supported us in harnessing Qlik’s potential. The Inside Info team took the time to properly understand & define our information requirements and were very skilled in translating these needs into solutions. They were reliable and responsive, working cohesively with us towards the achievement of our objectives.”
    Michael Panikian, CFO, Gilbert + Tobin
  • “Qlik is a key part of Orora's business systems landscape. We've improved time from information to decision by approximately 20% across the business. We now have the ability to more quickly analyse what's happening across any aspect of the business and take action. Truly a strategic asset as we continue to grow.”
    Sandy Antonuccio, GM IT Applications ANZ, Orora
  • “Qlik delivers. It's easy to use and puts the power of data in the hands of our users.”
    Richard Cohen, CIO, PFD Food Services
  • “QlikView hits the sweet spot so effectively with the power of in-memory analysis. It only took 4 months for Inside Info to design, develop & go live with a comprehensive reporting system!”
    Darren O'Connor, CIO, The Reject Shop