Transport & Logistics

Integrated, Easy-To-Use Timely Intelligence Across Borders

Transport and logistics companies need management systems that provide employees including those at the grass-roots, with access to wide ranging data sources in a simple to use, consolidated way to improve decisions about suppliers, cargo, fleet, service levels, margins and many other aspects of operations. We work with many logistics based companies to give them the ability to see summarised detail to transaction level detail, on demand, at any point in time.

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Improve Cash Flow & Gain Operational Efficiences

Our analytics solutions provide a one-screen view of all the facts to ensure cross functional visibility, integrating operational, financial, customer, fleet, warehouse, asset management and other business data so that you have a clear view of where to optimise for efficiency and growth.

Track Supplier Performance Against Service Levels

Identify opportunities, minimise wastage, negotiate intelligently and tier contracts based on results.

Analyse All Levels Of Operations

Analyse sales, loads, routes, carriers, tendering, labour, bookings, customs filings, freight audit and payment on a by-order to invoice line level basis to reduce cost variables.

Streamline Reporting

In areas of safety, traceability and compliance reporting with drill-down detail to documentation.

360 Degree View Of Customer Behaviour

To enable the ability to quickly adjust to changing trends, pre-empt demand and optimise operational efficiences.

Easy Integration

Seamlessly integrates data using pre-mapped connectors with Qlik and an open API to easily combine data from multiple data sources into a single application, whether GL's, ERP, CRM, warehouse or other sources. This provides for a more holistic view of your financial and operational data. Be confident in your data accuracy with imports directly from source systems to eliminate manual entry errors and automated refresh to ensure up-to-date data. Sub-second query response on large data volumes into the hundreds of million records without losing transactional level detail, with data refreshing as often as your underlying source systems.

Simple To Use, Available Anywhere

Access your dashboard from any device whether this be laptop, iPad, the web or your mobile device, with the same experience on each, being HTML5 compliant.

Seeing Is Achieving

The best way to learn about how we can help you improve analytics is to see it in action. Join us for a live demo or book a personalised session with our consulting team.

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