Elevating Industry Standards: Real-World Applications of Qlik

By Inside Info on Apr 12, 2024

In our previous article of the cutting-edge capabilities of Qlik, we explored how augmented analytics, advanced data modelling, and AI/ML integration are reshaping the future of business intelligence. As these innovations become increasingly indispensable in the data-driven landscape, understanding their practical applications across different industries highlights their pivotal role in achieving operational excellence and competitive advantage. In this article we investigate the transformative impact of Qlik's BI solutions through real-world industry applications, demonstrating how organisations can harness these technologies to drive growth and efficiency.

Healthcare - Improving Patient Outcomes through Data Insights

Predictive Analytics for Patient Care

The healthcare sector, with its critical need for precise and efficient management of complex patient data, finds a powerful partner in Qlik's advanced data modelling and AI-driven analytics. This is demonstrated in the partnership between Inside Info and Clinimetrix, which showcases the impact of integrating Qlik's business intelligence solutions to enhance healthcare delivery.

Medical practices benefit from the collaboration through more efficient organisation and analysis of patient data, predictive insights for improving patient care plans, and enhanced compliance reporting. Notably, Castle Hill Medical Centre reported an 80% revenue growth from health assessments and chronic disease patient care within the first year of using Clinimetrix, highlighting the solution's impact on clinical growth and patient health outcomes.


Retail - Transforming Operations with Data Analytics

Leveraging Advanced Analytics for Strategic Advantage

In the retail sector, Qlik's data analytics solutions are not just enhancing operations but are redefining the way businesses interact with data to make informed, timely decisions. The stories of two prominent retail chains showcase this transformative impact.

Enhancing Operational Visibility and Efficiency

A leading fashion retailer, operating 1000 stores across 37 brands, has partnered with Inside Info to develop a central data analytics hub. This hub has been pivotal in transforming the retailer's approach to monitoring key sales and inventory measures. Developed and delivered within just eight weeks, the Qlik Sense analytics dashboards now offer transactional level details to over 500 users, providing near real-time visibility that is critical in the fast-paced retail fashion space.

Additionally, this retailer has implemented a Qlik Sense-powered retail returns dashboard to monitor online and store returns, streamlining processes and enhancing data literacy among the workforce. This strategic use of data analytics has not only improved business performance but also fostered a culture of cross-store collaboration and healthy competition.

Rapid Real-Time Data for Informed In-Store Decisions

A renowned lifestyle retailer with over 650 locations worldwide faced significant challenges in gathering and utilising actionable data across its diverse geographic and operational landscape. The retailer's migration to a cloud-based system using Qlik Data Integration facilitated the streaming of 50GB of data daily, transforming the accessibility of real-time data for in-store decision-making.

By leveraging Qlik's solutions, the retailer reduced the time required to generate reports from hours to minutes, enabling store staff to quickly adjust to in-the-moment needs and plan effectively for future challenges. This rapid access to data has not only optimised day-to-day operations but has also provided a sustainable model for continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Synergising Data and Strategy

These success stories underscore the value of integrating Qlik's advanced data analytics into retail operations. By harnessing the insights provided, retailers can navigate the complexities of the market with agility and insight. The strategic integration of Qlik technology in these retail environments underscores the critical role of data analytics in driving business success and competitiveness in the retail industry.


Supply Chain - Driving Efficiency and Innovation

Optimising Operations Through Advanced Analytics

The modern supply chain faces numerous challenges, from managing complex logistics networks to meeting rapidly changing consumer demands. In this context, advanced analytics tools like Qlik have become invaluable for organisations looking to enhance their supply chain operations. A leading international manufacturing company's journey with Qlik offers insights into how advanced data analytics transformed supply chain management.

Building a Data-Driven Supply Chain Foundation

Recognising the need for a robust analytics solution to navigate its complex supply chain, this organisation embarked on a strategic initiative to harness the power of Data Analytics. The first step in their journey was acquiring the professional licenses necessary to tap into Qlik's advanced capabilities. However, understanding that powerful tools require skilled users to unlock their full potential, the organisation prioritised training for its team. The goal was to future-proof the company's supply chain operations by mastering the fundamentals of data analytics.

A Multi-Stage Journey to Supply Chain Excellence

Armed with Qlik and a trained team, the organisation embarked on a multi-stage journey to transform its supply chain. The process began with identifying opportunities for improvement and addressing existing challenges. By integrating Qlik Sense into their operations, the company could leverage data to make actionable decisions, shifting from reactive problem-solving to proactive optimisation.

The focus on leveraging data analytics extended to monitoring performance and key performance indicators (KPIs) closely. Qlik Sense enabled the company to gain real-time insights into its supply chain, from inventory levels to logistics efficiency. This level of visibility was instrumental in making informed decisions that improved operational efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

The practical applications of Qlik in healthcare, retail, and supply chain underscore its transformative potential across industries. By leveraging augmented analytics, advanced data modelling, and AI/ML integration, businesses can not only optimise their operations but also unlock new avenues for growth and innovation. As a leading Qlik data and analytics partner, our expertise extend beyond technology implementation. We guide our clients through the integration of data insights into their strategic planning, ensuring that they harness the full power of Qlik to achieve operational excellence and maintain a competitive edge.


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