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3rd Generation BI: Unlocking All The Possibility In Your Data

Discover Qlik's 3rd Generation Business Intelligence

Data has always held tremendous value. But for decades, most of that value has been left on the table. Complexity, technical limits, bottlenecks, and skill gaps have kept insights hidden and analytics out of the hands of business users.

With the 3rd generation of BI, that’s about to change. In this “3rd-Generation BI: Unlocking All the Possibility in Your Data” whitepaper, you’ll discover how Qlik’s radically different approach to BI finally delivers on the promise of data-driven transformation, making real discoveries available to every user in your organisation through:

1. The Democratization of Data – All data, and any combination of data, is accessible to all users through governed, analytics-ready, enterprise-wide information catalogues.

2. Associative Indexing * Augmented Intelligence = AI2– Qlik combines the power of machine learning with human intuition, highlighting new insights for users to investigate, accelerating discoveries and increasing data literacy and trust.

3. Embedded Analytics from the Edge to the C-Suite – Analytics becomes a part of all decision-making, entering the streams of daily business processes, from edge devices all the way to your core apps.


About Inside Info

Some background on us:  Inside Info are business analytics specialists.  We partner with two leading platforms, Qlik and Microsoft to design and deliver business analytics applications that transform businesses. Inside Info launched Qlik to Australia in 2003 and continue to lead in designing and delivering Qlik business intelligence platforms, as a top level Elite Qlik partner.  While our Microsoft BI experts bring a unique blend of industry and business know-how that can be leveraged to complement inhouse teams, manage adhoc report requests or take your Microsoft BI environment to the next level.  We have over 100 client reference sites across mid-sized and enterprise organisations in most industries, providing intuitive, self-service and guided dashboards, analytics and reporting solutions.  One-click from summarised to transactional level detail, consolidating disparate systems with fast query response even on very large data volumes, all delivered within a few weeks.  www.insideinfo.com.au

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