Business Planning & Forecasting Is The Top Priority For CFO’s

A just released survey by KPMG showed that improving business planning and forecasting is the top priority for finance departments over the next two years.  Over 75% of finance execs polled said they expect financial planning, forecasting, management reporting and analysis to be the biggest areas for improvement. Why? Economic volatility is exposing the cumbersome, […]

QlikView Ranks First In Visual Analysis, Innovation & Agility In BI Survey 12

The world’s largest, independent survey of business intelligence and performance management users, BI Survey 12 produced by the Business Application Research Center results are in.  QlikView ranked again as the leader overall in visual analysis, innovation, project length and agility, and leader in Data Discovery for mobile BI and affordability. In continuing to outpace larger rivals […]

QlikView Boosting Epicor For Supply Chain Analytics: Less Is More

By Phil Langdale Inside Info Director & Managing Consultant You’d be amazed how many times I see 100’s of packaged reports and data cubes put forward as an effective solution for managing performance across the supply chain or business in general, with companies still wondering why these business intelligence solutions aren’t widely used, service levels […]

User Driven Business Intelligence: 7 Tips For Effective Data Visualisation

Sophisticated data models won’t do us much good unless decision-makers are able to interpret, understand and act on the results appropriately. Here are seven principles for designing analytic apps that lead to high user acceptance and results, from our team of consultants.  Understand What Users Will Do With The Results Analytic interfaces should be driven by […]

Using QlikView’s Repository Panel

Some QlikView users may not be aware of QlikView’s repository panel. The repository is a QlikView app level entity that lists all sheet objects, dimensions and expressions that have been used within the current app.  The repository panel is an AJAX client only entity.  A user can view the content of the repository and elect […]

Big Data….Big Deal?

There is a lot of hype in the world of reporting and analytics at the moment around Big Data. Is Big Data the silver bullet for all BI problems or is it just a passing fad? Traditional definitions of Big Data refer to it in the context of Volume, Variety and Velocity. In this sense, […]